impact of goal

To ensure the
continuum of care between acute,
sub-acute, home
health and long
term care

Projected 5-year
for the Medicare
$3.99 Billion

Projected 5-year
savings for the

$737 Million

Our purpose:
To work with government agencies to right the inadvertent negative consequences of otherwise positive legislation or regulation
Our mission:
The Continuum of Care Coalition, LTD is a non-profit corporation dedicated to ensuring Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries always receive the quality health care to which they are entitled

Our first goal:
To “de-consolidate” wound care from the Consolidated Billing and Prospective Payment Systems.
Intended purpose of goal:
To allow for separate Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement for early and intensive wound care interventions for beneficiaries in Skilled Nursing and Home Health environments.